Our team

Vikram Sehgal

Vikram Sehgal

Founder & Chairman

“Every child matters and those with differences are equally deserving of our relentless pursuit to help make their childhood the most wholesome as possible.“


Alexander Qaqaya


“With WCF I hope to provide affected children with the means to develop their full potential while endorsing the benefits of an inclusive educational model for society at large.”

Sebastian Lefort

Board Member

“ ‘A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.’ This quote by Molière captures my desire to help a family in need and give back to the wider community.“

Thomas Hanzely

Board Member

“We don't have the power to make life fair, but we do have the power to be compassionate, inclusive and helpful in anyway we can.”

Andrea Flussi

Board Member

“Here to help provide opportunities for all children to lead a more fulfilling life.”

Nicolas Dentand

Board Member

“When I learned about Hugo's illness and the vision for Worthy Children Foundation, I was determined to help make this impact.”


Make a difference

Providing innovative methods of education and cognitive stimulation in a personalized format is expensive. Your donations are, therefore, integral to Worthy Children Foundation's mission to help numerous children in Switzerland and worldwide.